Samsung Knox launch delayed

Samsung Knox

What is Samsung Knox?

For those of you who have not heard of the new Samsung Knox service, it is a security service from the South Korean tech giant in the form of an Android app which claims to balance your professional life and personal life on a single smart phone very effectively.

I call it a security service because it is going to secure all the data on your smart phone related to your professional life, when you are using it from your personal life. This software goes to the kernel level to separate the two modes in which the smart phone can be used.

Where will it be used?

The company has been planning to use and market this service in the corporate world where people usually use two smart phones, one for the profession, and one for personal use. The South Korean tech giant expects to take on BlackBerry in the corporate world using all the security features that it has put in the new Knox.

Release Date Still Unknown

Now, the South Korean smart phone maker has officially announced that the Knox service will be delayed till a “later date,” which means that the company has not yet specified a date for the release of the service. According to the earlier plan of the company, the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S IV smart phone should have marked the release of the Knox service as well.

But unfortunately for Samsung, the launch of its 2013 flag ship smart phone and anything related to it is not going very smoothly. And the company’s Taiwan branch did a very big marketing blunder for the new flag ship. It is to be seen how the company will be able to settle everything. And stay tuned for more info about the Knox launch.

Source: Engadget