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Samsung Galaxy SIV Duos Arrives

S4 duosThe Dual-Sim Phenomena:

In today’s changing work environment, the requirements of people have changed. Most business people for example now feel the need of keeping two separate phones; one for official use and one for private use. How good is it that companies are now providing their customers with the option of two SIM cards active at the same time! Recently, Samsung has launched another version of the Samsung Galaxy SIV in Asia, which will be known as the I9502.


The main difference between the I9500 and this version is the option of Dual-SIM. The latter version, which is 2 grams heavier, will give the users of the phone to have access to two SIMS at the same time within the same phone. So there’s convenience and portability, which makes an ideal combination. The new version will be known as the Samsung Galaxy SIV Duos.


Samsung Galaxy SIV Duos features the Exynos 5 Octa-Core Processor (SoC) has more or less similar specifications to those of the Samsung Galaxy I9500. It has the same 13 Megapixel back and 2.1 Megapixel front camera, giving its customers the perfect opportunity to capture the best moments of life, has the same 5-inch 1080p Full HD Super AMOLED display, Android 4.2 with TouchWiz magic and even the same dimensions.

So the basic difference is that of the dual SIM option and the fact that the latter version is 2 grams heavier. The fact that it will be 2 grams heavier will probably go unnoticed.


The good news for the Chinese customers and the bad news for customers from other regions is that currently this phone is only available in China.

Samsung has already proven to be one of the best Smartphone companies which cater to the demands of a large and diverse audience. And it seems like the company is in no mood to put a brake to the production of some of the world’s best electronic gadgets! One thing that people are asking however is whether and when this Duos version will enter into other markets.


Source: Ubergizmo

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