Samsung Galaxy S4’s Gorilla Glass 3 Survives Scratch Tests, Unscratched

One of the most anticipated smartphones of modern times, Samsung’s next flagship smartphone the S4, will be coming to the US market starting late this week.  Already, enthusiasts, fans and ‘experts’ are ordering the device and torturing it for the world to see.  It is norm to see videos of new devices being subjected to extreme physical abuse to test their strength, and you probably have seen videos of some guys dropping a phone or a tablet from a high ground to test how well it can stand the ‘drop test’.  One of a kind test, a scratch test, was yesterday subjected on the S4 and surprisingly, the phone emerged unscathed, literally.

Galaxy S4 Scratch Test

Samsung galaxy S4 comes with a Gorilla Glass 3 protection and as promised, the glass can stand protection from scratches by most metallic objects such as keys.  The original Gorilla Glass set the standards for phone durability with a difficult to scratch screen and Glass 3 takes this protection to a whole new level.  According to Samsung and the makers of the Gorilla Glass 3 Corning, the S4 becomes the first device to come with Gorilla Glass 3 which the companies say that it provides up to 3 times the protection against scratches and physical damage as its predecessor.  This may sound like a marketer’s talk that can be proved wrong, but since someone actually bought the S4, a phone the world is waiting for, and among the first things they did is try to dissect it, it is safe to say the S4’s screen is indestructible.

In the video, the S4 is put through scratch tests using knives, coins and keys, but the phone stands it all.  You may cringe to see someone exert so much force on such a precious device, but it is also a great thing to assure those who intend to buy it just what the S4 can stand.

Other manufacturers will definitely try to outdo this kind of durability and it is likely that we will be seeing smartphones that can stand all kinds of abuse.  We have already seen smartphones that can survive up to 10 feet underwater but what we would like to see now is a non-rugged high end smartphone that can be used in such extreme physical conditions.

You can watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 scratch test video on YouTube here.  I cannot wait to see how well the S4 can handle drop tests!

Sources: Droid-Life and Ubergizmo