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Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Allegedly Scheduled for April 26 on AT&T, May 1 on T-Mobile

The day we’ve all been waiting for is almost here, folks. Samsung’s “next big thing”, the Galaxy S4, is ready to conquer the world one country and one carrier at a time. But while we’ve known for a while that the GS4 was going to land in “late April” stateside, the exact release dates for each of the four major carriers have been carefully kept under wraps all this time.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Only it seems that someone at Staples has now spilled the beans. An internal memo from the retailer has apparently been leaked to the press and with it come the tentative launch dates of the S4 on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. We’ve no way to know if the doc is legit, but it certainly looks the part and it comes from a reputable and trustworthy source, so for now we’ll take it for granted.

As expected, Ma Bell will jump the gun and get the S4 out first, on April 26. Just five days later, on May 1, it will be T-Mo’s turn to join the party, while Verizon will be, as usual, (un) fashionably late, with the launch date set for May 30.

Oddly, Sprint’s name is not mentioned anywhere in the leaked doc, but that doesn’t mean the nation’s third biggest carrier will not be selling the splendid 5-incher. Instead, it can simply mean Sprint hasn’t pinpointed an exact release date yet. Then again, with no word on a pre-order start either, it can also mean the network will be getting the GS4 after all its competitors.

AT&T is to kick pre-orders into gear later today, with the 16 GB model set to go for $199.99 with two-year contracts. T-Mobile should follow suit with pre-orders by the end of the week, but pricing will differ significantly. As some of you might already know, Magenta has recently ditched contracts, so it will be offering the S4 for $99.99 upfront, plus 24 monthly installments of $20 each.

Finally, Verizon is probably not going to take pre-orders for the next few weeks. Big Red is yet to officially mention anything on pricing, but chances are they’ll look to tie AT&T and sell the S4 starting at $199.99 with contracts.

All things considered, are you planning on getting your S4 from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint? That is, if you are in fact thinking of getting this hunk of a phone and not one of its equally as worthy competitors – the HTC One, Sony’s Xperia Z or LG’s Optimus G Pro. Are you?

Via [Phone Arena]

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