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Samsung Galaxy S4 Teardown Confirms It Is Easier To Repair

SIVThe current top of the line Samsung Smartphone, the Galaxy SIV, is much easier to repair than many of its other competing phones, including the iPhone 5 and the HTC One. The fact that the battery can be easily removed from the phone and that the screws are of standard shape and size makes the SIV easier to fix. This was confirmed by staff members at iFixit.

iFixit has the responsibility of repairing or helping people repair even the most recently launched gadgets. It has learnt that once the screws are unscrewed, users have access to the complete inner circuit of the SIV. So whether you want to change an IC of your SIV or the LCD for that matter, it is relatively easier to do that.

Once opened, users will have access to the storage, the RAM and a number of sensors including the humidity, temperature, air gesture and air view sensors.

The Samsung Galaxy SIV, has caught a lot of attention recently because it gives users with some of the most amazing features. For one, it has a scratch resistant screen. Users have tried to scratch the screens of their Galaxy SIV with knives, keys and coins but without any luck.

Secondly, the SIV has a 13 megapixel back camera for excellent picture quality and a 2.1 megapixel front camera, making video conferencing more effective. If this wasn’t enough, Samsung has launched a newer version of the SIV (I9500) which will be known as I9502, in China. This version of the SIV has the option of dual SIM.

The above features and the fact that it can be repaired very easily will definitely attract a lot of potential customers and will make this phone a market leader. Samsung has always been involved in setting the trends in the Smartphone industry and it has managed to do the same with the launch of the SIV. Just recently, the Galaxy SIV was launched in the UAE as well and will soon reach places where it hasn’t until now.


Source: Ubergizmo


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