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Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-Orders With AT&T Are Live, Shipping to Start on April 30

It was only 24 hours ago that we reported on a leaked internal Staples document that seemed to confirm Samsung Galaxy S4’s launch dates on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, and now we already have the first official info on the 5-incher’s ETAs.

Samsung Galaxy S4-AT&T

It seems the doc got one thing right and one wrong for the moment, with AT&T being the first US carrier to sell the GS4, but a little later than expected. Four days later, to be precise, as Ma Bell states on its official website that the first Galaxy S4 units will be shipped on April 30.

AT&T has also been the first network to open S4 pre-orders, with pricing being anything but a shocker. The 16 GB Full HD 5-incher is $199.99 in white or black with two-year contracts, $449 with 12-month agreements and $639 outright.

Naturally, with pre-orders live for a good few hours already, you have to take into consideration that the queue might already be very, very long. Which is why you shouldn’t be terribly surprised if you’ll have to wait until May 2 or 3 to get your order fulfilled and your precious new super-phone on your doorstep.

Meanwhile, mum remains the word with T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon, all of which are expected to start selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 over the next month. T-Mo is still in a good position to second AT&T on or around May 1, Big Red is rumored to wait until late May, while Sprint… continues to be an enigma. One thing’s for sure though – everyone has to get ready for the next Galaxy!

Via [Android Central]

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