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Samsung Galaxy S4 More Fragile Than The Galaxy S3 And iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is definitely cool in terms of features. With its recent release, it became one of the hottest smartphones going around in the market today. However, behind the 5-inch HD display that can give off up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, floating touch, smart pause, powerful OS and other traits that the Samsung flagship device boasts, it scored poorly when it comes to durability. The fragility of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was proven by separate tests conducted by Square Trade and Tech Smartt.

Square Trade Test

The warranty provider attempted to compare the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5 in terms of breakability and resistance to other factors. This is to provide their customers an idea about the risks involved in each phone if they dropped them deliberately or due to an accident.

From the test, the company found out that the Galaxy S4 is the most likely to break among the three when dropped. According to the company, among the factors that may contribute to its accidental drop is its slippery rear panel and poor grip brought about by the bigger screen. It did score well against its predecessor though in terms of water resistance.

Click the image below for more details about the test and how the Galaxy S4 fared against the rest:

Square Trade Test

Tech Smartt Test

The test of Tech Smartt only made use of the brand new units of Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. This one is much simpler than the first test we featured. The method only involved dropping each device from certain heights. The tester dropped each device from a height equal to the height of his pocket, his chest, overhead (approximately 7 feet from the surface) and standing on a pole (10 feet from the ground).

The drops up to the chest level only scratched both devices and the damages seemed insignificant. But the 7 feet drop already cracked the screen of the Galaxy S4 while the iPhone 5 only had dents. Surprisingly, both are still in working order so the tester decided to let them fall from a height of 10 feet. Unfortunately, the 10 feet drop meant the end of the life of the Galaxy S4.

Notably, the flagship phone of Apple withstood the 10 foot drop (sideways and face-first) and it even survived getting ran over by a car.

Check the actual test here:

Of course, we may see a different result later when the rugged version of the Galaxy S4 comes out.

Sources: All Things D and Tech Smartt via YouTube

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