Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Delayed in T-Mobile and Sprint Retail Stores, US Cellular Gets it on April 30

Don’t look now, but Samsung appears to be in a little bit of trouble. Specifically, Galaxy S4’s US launch is not going down as smoothly as planned, with yet another delay crippling its availability on T-Mobile, the nation’s leading “Uncarrier”.

T-Mo has already had to push back the S4’s online availability with around five days, but now the retail store release is all messed up too. Initially slated to hit brick and mortar locations on May 1, the “next big thing” will only go on sale on May 8 in “select stores” and a week later in all stores.

Samsung Galaxy S4

And if five days might not be that big of a deal even for hardcore Samsung fans, two weeks is a lot to wait for a phone that’s set to start shipping from other carriers later today. Then again, we’re hearing Sprint will have trouble sticking to the original launch timeline as well, due “to unexpected inventory challenges from Samsung”.

Still, Sprint officials are confident they will fulfill existing pre-orders by April 30 (next Tuesday), and put a new batch of S4s for sale online come this Saturday, the 27th. As for in-store availability, that’s the trickiest part, so the network is not ready to announce a new ETA at this time. Hopefully, the S4 will come before May 8, right?

But we don’t have only bad news today for people looking to score one of Sammy’s new flagship phones, as US Cellular has surprisingly announced it will start selling the big guy on April 30 in retail locations.

Online, the phone is due to be made available even earlier, on the 26th, though something tells us that’s more wishful thinking on USC’s part than part of a well-thought, cohesive strategy. If US Cellular does manage to pull it off however, it will be interesting to see if it can get some sort of edge on its much bigger competitors.

In terms of pricing, T-Mobile is still reluctant on mentioning specifics, but, based on an official tweet from the carrier, we’re guessing the GS4 will require the coughing up of an upfront $150, plus 24 monthly installments of $20 each.

That’s for the 16 GB flavor of the phone, naturally, the same that US Cellular will sell in black and white for $199.99 with two-year contracts.

So what do you think of all these availability woes? Could they hurt Galaxy S4’s sales numbers or will everyone just be patient and wait for the thing to be properly released? Will you be waiting?

Via [Allthingsd] and [Android Guys]