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Samsung Galaxy S4 Has The Lowest Specific Absorption Rate


A recent study featured in MK News revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a low Specific Absorption Rate or SAR. In fact, the news site claimed that the new flagship smartphone of Samsung holds the lowest rating among the latest smartphones in the market today.

Based on the study conducted by researchers from the Future, Creation and Science, a department that operates under the National Radio of South Korea, the SAR of the Galaxy S4 is only 0.438W per kilogram. Another source says the Galaxy S4 has 0.45W/Kg, which is still close to the first figure.

The numbers revealed by the sources indicate that the Galaxy S4 is definitely safe because it is far lesser than the international standard of 2W/Kg and the American limit of 1.6W/Kg. It is also much lower than the iPhone 5’s output which is around 1.07W/Kg up to 1.180W/Kg. On the other hand, HTC First scored 0.65W/Kg, Blackberry Z10 is at 0.97W/Kg, Nokia Lumia 920 emitted 1.08W/Kg and HTC One has 1.26W/Kg.

However, when compared to its predecessors within its brand, the Galaxy S4 scored somewhat higher than the likes of Galaxy Note (0.209 W/Kg), Galaxy S2 (0.0240 W/Kg), Galaxy Nexus (0.303 W/Kg) and Galaxy S3 (0.342 W/Kg).

About SAR

The SAR measures the amount of electromagnetic energy that a certain gadget gives off which is then absorbed by the body. Aside from monitoring the energy taken by the body from communication devices, it is utilized in measuring the power sipped by the body from other machines too like MRI.

It should be noted though that the SAR figures can go up depending on the system of the carrier that you are using. In addition, the different parts of the body do not take in the same level of energy given off by mobile devices.

Source: MK News and Tawkon

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