Samsung Experience shops opening up at BestBuy

Samsung Experience shops at Best Buy

What is a Samsung Experience shop?

A Samsung Experience shop is a shop where you will be able to experience a wide range of Samsung products personally. For example, a smart phone. The Samsung Experience shop will have on display, and for demo, a bunch of Samsung smart phones. You will be able to get up close and personal with these smart phones so that you can make a better and informed decision about your next smart phone purchase.

What does this have to do with Best Buy?

Samsung and Best Buy have teamed up to set up these Samsung Experience shops. Samsung will be setting up these Experience shops at almost every Best Buy shop in the United States, and that translates to around 1,400 Best Buy shops across the country. And this will include the Best Buy Mobile shops as well.

First Samsung Experience Shop unveiled

Just yesterday, the South Korean smart phone giant one of the biggest retail chains in the country unveiled the first Samsung Experience shop at the Union Square Best Buy shop in New York City. Phone Arena writes:

These new experience shops will give customers a chance to get up close and personal with the wide range of Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S4. In fact, a lucky bunch of visitors to Union Square today were picked to attend an appreciation event featuring Grammy winner Bruno Mars.

These Samsung Experience shops will have everything starting from the company’s home automation system to the All Share service, which acts an accessory to share data between all supported Samsung devices in the house.

We can expect many such shops to come up around us in the coming weeks. As already mentioned, there will be an approximate 1,400 number of Samsung Experience shops across the country, which will be enough to give Samsung and its products a good amount of publicity and many potential customers.

Source: Phone Arena