Samsung and Mozilla Partner up for a Next Generation Browser

You must admit, the partnership of Mozilla and Samsung is kind of odd, but it is happening.  Today, Mozilla announced that it is collaborating with Samsung to make a next-generation browser engine Servo.  Mozilla says that its researchers have been working on the Servo projects since 2012 but it is still very far from becoming a commercial project.  The browser is written in Rust, a new programming language the company is developing as well.  Samsung and Mozilla intend to bring both Rust and the browser dubbed Servo to Android and to the ARM architecture in general.

mozilla and Samsung Servo

Samsung has interest in this project because according to the company spokesperson, they are ‘investigating new technologies’ that will bring ‘new and innovative legacy products’ to the people.  This partnership is a big opportunity for Samsung to ‘open a whole new era of future mobile web experience’.

Brendan Eich, Mozilla’s CTO, says that he believes that the future of mobile computing lies in parallel computing, hence the reason why Mozilla’s research group is putting a lot of effort in working to create web browsers that will take advantage of mobile devices’ high computing power.  Current browsers do not make use of the power of smartphone processors – not even the most basic of the power that multicore processors offer in tablets and smartphones.  WebGL and HTML5 are the only exceptions because WebGL makes use of graphics processors and HTML5 Web Workers brings multi-threading to JavaScript.

Samsung, of course, is working hard to be the market leader to bring a revolutionary powerful browser that makes use of the multi-core processors in smartphones and tablets.  This partnership, however, is most likely to raise questions on the future of Samsung’s relationship with Google and their Google Chrome browser which is the leading and most popular browser on the Android platform today.

Mozilla is going to launch version 0.6 of the Rust compiler and related tools today, or already have.  Rust is a lot like common languages such as Lisp, C++ and Erlang and focuses on safety, especially when in memory management errors, one area where C++ has an issue with.  Mozilla plans to launch Rust 1.0 later this year, but we do not know when the Servo browser will be ready for public trial.

Source: PC Mag and Android Headlines