Road Redemption, the successor of Road Rash

Road Redemption game screenshot

If you are a kid from the 80’s and had any kind of contact with the computers in the 90’s, you would have played some of the most famous classic game titles on your computer. There was the Prince, the Duke, Road Rash, NFS SE, and so many other very well known, and popular games. There are very sophisticated, advanced, highly more intelligent games today, but even then, the fun and the excitement that you get from playing those games is just unique.

Road Rash was one of the many popular games for many people, including me. All that kicking and jumping and hitting, it was all good. But now, it is no more, at least on our modern computers. But one game development house is trying to bring back all the excitement. Indie Dev Darkseas Games has already released a preview video, something like a trailer, of the game on YouTube, which you can see below here. The game in the video is so much like the old Road Rash, but with better graphics and some really modern weapons.

The company is on Kickstarter, trying to make enough money to get the game started. The company has pledged for $160,000 and has already made $24, 000. Feast Huggston writes on Slash Dot, “While Road Rash creator Dan Geisler recently stated that he was interested in making another Road Rash, he is apparently not directly involved in this project, although he has given it his blessing.”

The game is already under development. The game is using the Unity 4 engine. The game, known as Road Redemption, will be coming out to the market for the PC, Mac, and the Linux operating systems in the next year. The company plans to continue to the major gaming consoles in the coming years. But I guess, till the company reaches the amount that it has pledged for, nothing is going to happen. So if you liked the idea, pledge a few bucks.

Source: Slash Dot

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