Remembering DynaTAC and its history

dyn2Technology has evolved at a rapid pace since the invention of the first fully functional computer all those years ago. From mammoth storage systems to tiny memory chips the size of a fingernail, electronics has moved ahead by leaps and bounds. From the telegraph to the telephone, to the cordless telephone, followed by the mobile phone and then the touch era of smartphones with a zillion more capabilities that simply calling the other end, the advancement is breathtaking!

Startling news has been revealed that mobile phones are not as recent as the last ten or twelve years. In fact, according to the latest astonishing report, the first call from a cell phone was made as early as forty years ago! Former Motorola Vice President, Martin Cooper made the first call on the company’s DynaTAC phone to the head of Bell Labs research division, another company working towards the same goal- building the first mobile phone! Motorola has always been the fore runner of fantastic new technology and making the first cell phone, a device we cannot do without today, is a remarkable feat!

As a tribute to Martin Cooper and Motorola, Cisco put up a beautifully designed Info graphic to toast Motorola’s achievement and trace the path of the mobile phone, from the chunky DynaTAC to today’s iPhones and Galaxy Series. The display highlights the first call from a cell phone, the first commercial text message, followed by the first cell phone game by Tetris and the first Wi-Fi phone. A glorious collection of first’s, those proud moments that enabled technology to progress at a rapid pace and offer users advanced gadgets like Google Glass and the iWatch in addition to super smart phones!

A chain reaction triggered by that one phone call that changed the course of digital history!


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