Reddit getting hit by DDoS attack, some functionality disabled

Reddit DDoS

Reddit is currently under a large DDoS attack, according to the official Twitter account. The main site is functioning well, but some features have been disabled throughout the attack to keep the website speed stable and servers running.

The attack is a denial of service attack, one of the most common by hackers and Anonymous groups. The basic understanding on denial of service is thousands/millions of requests being sent at a time, making the servers shut down.

Most of the DDoS programs come free and can be installed and utilised quite easily, this is why it is such a common attack. The problem is you need a lot of bandwidth to make problems occur on the website.

The attack seems to have started on Friday, around the time the Boston Marathon bombings happened. Reddit users have been working to try and find potential suspects to help with the FBI investigation.

One of Reddit’s admins stated the attack was from someone with “a lot of time and bandwidth on their hands.” This would not be the first attempt at taking down Reddit, with many attacks happening to try and shut down the servers.

Reddit has said this is the biggest DDoS attempt on this scale ever, however Reddit is one of the most viewed websites and should be able to withstand this attack.

We are unsure what the course of action is, apart from finding IP addresses and loop holes in the attack and making sure the servers don’t go down. If they do, backup servers need to be prepared.

Reddit will keep users updated.

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