Reaction to Google’s YouTube prank!

goo2For those taken in by this elaborate ruse from Google – April fool’s day! Google has devised an outrageously absurd prank with a tinge of credibility to make users wonder for a second, “Can it be true? YouTube? Seriously?” Join the fun with Google’s bizarre yet entertaining hoax to take in the whole world that has YouTube addicts scurrying to their tablets, phones and PC’s just to check if it’s really true!

In its April 1st announcement, Google has declared that YouTube was an eight year long contest and will shut down the site tonight so judges can review videos and come up with a prize winning entry. “Ha! As if! Wait…. Can it be? “. This guessing game has the gullible population agonizing over the possibility of losing the world’s biggest video site for a decade until Google relaunched YouTube in 2023. The prank has millions of users furiously searching archives and articles of eight years ago to check if YouTube really was a contest site and nothing more!

To offer proof of its intentions, Google has named a “Tim Liston” director of the “competition” to judge the best video on the website. Watch all you can tonight folks, for YouTube will be one dark hole starting tomorrow. We’ll know only tomorrow folks! For now, the tech savvy population is either in splits about the elaborate ruse or biting their nails and waiting with baited breath. Who is the joke on? The guys who think of this drama as an April fool’s prank or the ones who truly believe. After all, Google did announce shutting down popular site Google Reader didn’t it?


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