QWERTY-packing Nokia Asha 210 goes official

asha210There was a time when Nokia was a trendsetter in the mobile industry. That time is long gone now. Many new companies including Apple, HTC and Samsung have now taken over. The Smartphone industry has experienced a complete revolution. The competition in this market has increased enormously and only those companies who have a competitive edge, and are innovative enough will succeed in such competition.

Nokia has been trying to regain its position since a long time. Since the release of its first ‘Asha’ phone, Nokia has launched several other affordable models of the same series to create an impact on the market.

Just recently, Nokia has launched its new Asha phone with the QWERTY keyboard. This is by far the latest addition to the Asha series. The best part about this phone is the price and affordability. Also, the phone has a feature of Dual-Sim, with support for Easy Swap, meaning you can exchange the secondary SIM without powering off the handset.

The new Nokia Asha is available in several different fancy colors such as yellow, cyan, black, magenta, and white. So the target market of Asha seems to be the younger lot.

Some other features of the phone are also noticeable. One of these is the dedicated Whatsapp button on the phone. You do not need to go through any hassle of downloading Whatsapp now as it is preinstalled.

Some other companies like HTC has done this before by putting a dedicated Facebook button on their phones but Whatsapp is an emerging messaging service and Nokia has done a great job here with the Asha 210. The screen size of the new Asha phone is about 2.4”, has a 2.0 megapixel camera at the back and the camera results are just ordinary.

The new Nokia Asha also has Wi-Fi connectivity and a dedicated Wi-Fi on/off hardware toggle. So Wi-Fi can be turned on and off by the click of a button. The phone does have the option of Bluetooth but lacks any fast cellular network support like 3G or LTE.  It will be available for just $72.


Source: Techcrunch