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Qualcomm collaborates with Facebook for FB home optimization


A few days back we had seen the first Facebook phone known as the HTC first. Aptly named, the device was the first ever phone to be branded by the social networking giant Facebook and was running facebook launcher, which will be available on all android phones via the play store later this month. The device is targeted at a mid range market and runs theQualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 processor.

Here it is worth noting that HTC preferred Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor rather than Nvidia’s Tegra processors and according to a recent press release by the company this would be the case with all other Facebook smartphones.

htc first


Facebook has officially teamed up with Qualcomm Technologies to optimize Facebook home launcher and Facebook for android across all the platforms running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. These system level optimizations are not just limited to the existing Facebook phones or even the future phones from the company, infact Qualcomm aims to extend these optimizations to all the smartphones running on their Snapdragon processors, may it be a high end device or a low end budget device.

“By working with Qualcomm Technologies, a leader in the mobile industry, we are able to offer Facebook Home and Facebook for Android utilizing the capabilities of the Snapdragon platforms that power a large portion of commercial 3G/4G devices,” said Vaughan Smith, vice president of mobile & corporate development for Facebook. “We are excited about our collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and our ability to jointly improve consumers’ Facebook experiences.”

These optimizations will enhance the productivity of the smartphones by enabling better overall performance, improved data efficiency for smartphones running on Facebook home and low power consumption. The partnership is said to benefit both the parties especially facebook by giving it access to the large number of devices running on the Snapdragon series.

The deal will also be beneficial to Qualcomm especially in its battle with Nvidia. Both the companies are looking forward to reach out to a large number of smartphones and tablets and looks like Qualcomm is coming out as the winner. Last week we had reported that the second generation nexus 7 tablet will ditch the old Nvidia processors in favor of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series which was yet another victory for the company.

We have seen Qualcomm increase their market reach by extending such partnerships with famous companies and this one would definitely help both Facebook and Qualcomm make their mark in the industry.

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