Protect Your Identity: Use The Hotspot Shield VPN App

vp2With the arrival and wide use Internet, the only thing we think of is electronic eavesdropping. The way we have got all tangled up in the Web it is hard to tell where your privacy is at stake.

Most of us even do not understand how a potential cyber crime may happen. So with around six billion mobile phone users buzzing across the world everyday and maybe on unsecured wireless networks, keeping your online presence becomes even harder. So everyone must know how to protect one’s identity while navigating in the cyber world as there can be numerous threats of Malware, phishing, and spamming that can steal your identity from your emails, logging information, and websites.

An easy yet less expensive way of protecting your Web Identity is Hotspot Shield VPN. This app from AnchorFree (a Silicon Valley based firm) is available on Android, Desktop and iOS. About the app David Gorodyansky, CEO of AnchorFree says that the app simply turns the “http” into an “https”, securing everything as secure as your banking site.

Thus Hotspot Shield VPN actually creates a secure virtual private network (VPN) that gives a user Internet privacy and safety. But this is not the only thing that the app can do. This app can be of particular help for U.S users who are abroad and cannot view many websites that maybe restricted in other countries. But according to Gorodyansky as Hotspot Shield VPN replaces the VPN with a U.S IP address, swiftly all the restricted websites will no longer remain classified.

Besides the app also helps to compress data like photos and texts saving time and extra roaming charge when the connection is slow. The easily downloadable app offers a free, seven-day trial, and provides a few payment subscriptions ranging from $0.99 to $19.99.


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