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Positive HTC One Sales Attributed to Galaxy S4

htc one stealth black
The HTC One Stealth Black edition.

A statement from HTC North America president Mike Woodward revealed that the HTC One sales are definitely looking good following its release in the market. This is despite the market release of the product falling close to the roll out of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, which is the Galaxy S4.

With the same release of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, people just can’t help but compare the two in terms of features, performance, design and many other aspects. However, during the process, the HTC One became the more favored between the two based on popular endorsements and reviews in numerous sites.

There is no denying that the Galaxy S4 is a cool product. In fact, the company even fared well in terms of sales against Apple according to Samsung’s recent company report. But HTC President said in his interview with Business Insider that the HTC One stands out against the new Samsung flagship smartphone in style and its appeal to consumers is more powerful.

Wall Street Analysts’ View

Analysts on Wall Street greatly praised the HTC One due to its attractive features. The product’s approval in the Wall Street became very evident when its company’s investment rating was raised by HSBC. Daiwa also strongly recommended buying the stock of HTC and increased its ratings.

It should be remembered that the HTC has been suffering in the past due to strong competition posed by major players like Apple and Samsung. But with its better product this time, coupled with an improved market strategy, analysts say that it won’t be long until HTC can gain more leverage in the market which will enable it to compete with the major players.

But it is too early to say whether HTC will be able to hold its own against Samsung, considering that the Korean company is also doing great in the market based on its own sales figures.

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