Police arrest Dutch man responsible for DDoS attack

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If you remember, about a month back, CyberBunker, a web hosting company, was in the news as it initiated the world’s biggest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack in the history of the world. Internet all over the world had slowed down because of this. The attack was on an anti spam group called Spamhaus, and the attack was because Spamhaus blacklisted CyberBunker because it creates spams, to be simple.

Now, according to reports, the Dutch law enforcement authorities in Spain have arrested the man responsible for the attack. The man, who has been mentioned as only “S.K.” in a statement on the Dutch government website, was arrested at his house in Barcelona. According to unnamed sources of the New York Times, the man has been pegged as 35-year-old Sven Olaf Kamphuis. Tech Spot writes:

Kamphuis, the self-proclaimed minister of telecommunications and foreign affairs for the Republic of CyberBunker, is the spokesperson for a group that had previously protested tactics used by a European anti-spam group. He operates an ISP known as CB3ROB as well as web hosting company CyberBunker. Others, however, simply know Kamphuis as the Prince of Spam.

Source: Tech Spot

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