Path adds 1 million users per week


Facebook may still be steaming ahead, but the mobile app Path has been taking some big steps in the right direction. With the past few updates of the app, users have flocked to check the new social network out.

Path is pulling in about one million users per week according to CEO Dave Morin, this is a huge step up, considering the social network only has a total of nine million users.

This has made it hard for Path users to stay active, because Path relies on close connections between close friends and family, instead of blockbuster subscription accounts with 4,000 friends.

Path’s Userbase

Currently the major app users come from Central and South America and most speak English or Spanish. Path has a weird reflection to Google+, which has a strong userbase in Brazil and other South American countries.

The two favourite tools on Path currently are Search and Stickers, two features implemented in latests updates. These features are apparently bringing in a lot of traffic for the app.

Search was very well developed by Path and we can see real engagement between the teams building the apps and the users. Path is a really excellent social app all round, it just needs the support of many friends to be an excellent service.

Stickers are now a revenue stream for Path as well, with some artists choosing to sell sticker packs. The stickers can then be used on Path messenger when speaking to friends, they can also be used in other places on the app.

Facebook recently updated their iOS app to have Stickers and we cannot help feeling this was yet another one of the borrowed features Facebook has built.

Path is on course to hit 20 million users by the end of this year, if registered users do not increase. They show no signs, and Path could easily hit 50 million before the end of 2013.

Source: WSJ

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