Outlook for Windows RT is in the works

Outlook new iconA lot of people have been complaining about the absence of a universal email client on the Windows RT tablets. Having a tablet is partly because it makes emailing easier, and portable. And having a browser tab open all the time for emails is not a good idea. Life would be just too much simpler if tablets such as this come with a universal email client, pre installed. And the Outlook is the best Microsoft email client to date.

Many people were surprised that the Outlook was not included on the Surface RT tablets, while other Office software tools were on board. Well, this is because the Outlook was not yet ready. We have heard rumors that the Redmond based software giant is working on an Outlook client for the Windows RT tablets, but we had no idea about what the progress is, until now that is.

Paul Thurrott, who is a very well informed blogger when it comes to Microsoft, writes that during his recent visit to the Microsoft campus, he saw Outlook running on not just one, but two Microsoft Surface RT tablets. And he also writes that these tablets did not belong to direct employees of the company. Does this mean the Outlook software for Surface RT tablets is undergoing closed beta testing? That is a good news. And this also means that the product will be released to the public earlier than we had expected.

Phone Arena writes, “Unfortunately, there is no word about when Outlook may be available for Windows RT devices, but it is looking very likely that it will not be included or bundled with Office Home & Student Preview which comes with the tablet. Instead, it will probably be offered with an Office 365 subscription.”

Now that we are sure that Outlook exists for the Surface RT tablets, we will just have to wait and see when the company will release the software.

Source: Phone Arena

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