Outlandish Motorola X remains outlandish

moto2Motorola- a well-reigner of the mobile phone market before the advent of the smartphones. The phone company since then couldn’t cope with the changing trend of the modern world and failed to come up to competition with the other phones which have already transformed into smartphones in the mean time. It is not that the Motorola company stayed placid, it’s just that they felt vulnerable to the new era of modern phones termed as smartphones.

Since the fall, they had tried with various flagships to resurrect in the business, but all efforts went in-vain as those flagships had no chance to stand ground in front of the predominant big guns of the market. Motorola has been a calm customer and now it has been trying to put on a show with its Motorola X which is still a rumor until now.

Key Lime Pie, the next Android OS has been said to come up with Motorola’s reincarnating flagship, Motorola X. This rumor has enkindled a huge fire among the enthusiasts and thus the search brought out the fact that this unit will be introduced to give a head-on challenge to the mighty Samsung. Some agencies have also been able to claim this rumor as true, but yet the release date rumor has been a false alarm in the market.

First release date was set up on June/July and now transferred to August but still failed to be assured. The Motorola X rumors have now been denied by the people as it has lost it’s confidence over them.

FROM: Tech Radar

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