Oppo Officially Intros R809T Smartphone, Unfortunately Not The World’s Thinnest Handheld

Though I don’t know a lot of mobile technology enthusiasts that care about owning the world’s thinnest phone, the race seems to still be on for that title. Currently, it’s Alcatel that holds the crown, courtesy of the One Touch Idol Ultra that measures a measly 6.5 mm in depth, but rumor had it Oppo was looking to undercut the French OEM with a gadget called R809T.

Oppo R809T

Now the R809T has gone official in China, but unfortunately for Oppo the thing falls short of any Guinness Book World Records. Still, it is just 6.93 mm thin, so it’s not like you’ll notice the 0.4 mm (or 1/64 inch) this fellow’s profile has in addition to the Idol Ultra.

And, if you ask me, the Oppo R809T looks better than Alcatel’s featherweight. I don’t know what it is, but the new phone just breathes elegance, delicacy and sleekness.

As far as actual specs go, the slender little guy is light years away from breaking world records. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t call it an entry-level device, but it’s not top of the line either.

Its 4.7-inch IPS screen boasts a 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution, while under the hood there’s a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. The CPU’s make and model haven’t been announced yet, and, while I have my fingers crossed for Snapdragon 600 or at least S4 Pro, something tells me it’s a MediaTek unit.

Nothing wrong with that, just don’t expect the R809T to be as zippy as, say, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Other known features include a decent camera duo (8 MP on the rear and 2 MP on the front), plus a comfy 16 GB of on-board storage.

I’m pretty certain the R809T runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out the box, but a few important pieces of the puzzle remain out of place, including the battery size. Earlier rumors indicated the phone will be coming with optional dual-SIM support, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet either.

There’s also no exact release date or price point in China, while a launch outside Asia seems unlikely. Again based on rumors, you should expect the phone to go for around 2,500 Yuan, which is roughly 400 bucks.

A little steep, I know, but maybe the “pundits” were wrong, as they were on the exact device dimensions. Would you fancy getting one of these if it comes your way for, say, $350? Is it slender enough for you? Elegant enough? Powerful enough?

Via [Engadget China]