One phone in multiple sizes

ip2Apple had always been unpredictable. When they are going to launch the next iPhone is the most talked issue now. Now as earlier information revealed that Apple might unveil new phones at the end of 2013 but new news that the tech giant is clearing its manufacturing unit by reducing the production size of iPhone 5 seems like Apple is ready to work on the next new smartphone.

The theory can also be backed by a Wall Street Journal report published recently which stresses the fact that iPhone 5S is due to enter production in the current quarter. Numerous sources also cited even a probable day for the release of iPhone 5S which is June 29, 2013 at an event called ‘Original Passion’.

Now this deeply rumored smartphone definitely has many expectations attached to it. Hence it has been told that the new iPhone 5S may feature the latest IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) material based display for an even brighter display than iPhone 5. If so, this will also help to reduce the thickness of the smartphone. And now that Apple has the capacity of running 128GB, there is no harm to think that the new phone might feature the same. Recent reports also speculated that the phone will come with near-field communications (NFC) support and Fingerprint Scanner for phone locking.

A global 4G LTE competence is another issue long expected from Apple.
But the most exclusive news is that iPhone 5S may be the only iPhone that will offer multiple iPhone form factors within a single generation. That is because the tech giant is thought to be preparing to launch smartphones of same features but of multiple sizes.

In a recent report by Brian White, market analyst of Topeka Capital Markets stated that Apple might be planning to release at least two or maybe three different models of iPhone 5S based on screen size only. According to White, Apple may have finally come out of the idea of one-size-fits-all and trying to reach a broader segment of customers.

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