Nokia Unveils World’s First Phone With a WhatsApp Button

Nokia Asha 210 WhatsApp button

Nokia’s new phone the ‘Asha 210’ smartphone is the worlds first phone to have a dedicated WhatsApp button. Nokia announced that the Asha 210 will be a low-budget phone costing only $72 the phone will support WI-FI, a 2G Connection and it has the added bonus of a dedicated WhatsApp button.

WhatsApp released the figures earlier this month that they have an astounding 200 million monthly users and more than a staggering 8 billion inbound messages per day. It sort of makes sense for the company to keep a strong link between hardware and the app to increase the probability of the user choosing to message via WhatsApp instead of text.


The popular messaging app was rumored to be in talks with Google about them being acquired by the search giant for $1 billion, last year also Facebook showed some interest in the app as well. The resistance to being acquired means that the service has big plans for the future and being acquired would ruin their plans for the future, the plans could include their own phone.

More features would need to be added to the service that could warrant the price tag of a physical device. Their future plans could include more partnerships just like the one they have now with Nokia and the Asha 210.

The Partnership

As part of the Nokia WhatsApp partnership the service will be free to all users, on other platforms the users would have to pay a one off download fee of $0.99 to message their friends who have a BlackBerry, iPhone, Samsung device ect.

Nokia has a history of adding dedicated service buttons to its devices, they have in the passed added a Facebook button to some of there devices. To activate the messaging service the user will have to  hold down the physical button until the service pops up on screen, then you can use the service to your hearts content.

Source- Mashable 

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