Nokia to add more control options to the camera app

lumi2Nokia is all set to revamp its Windows Phone 8 camera app with a new rollout. The app is very basic and does not offer users a range of options other smartphones do to control how a user takes photographs. According to sources the Finnish company will unveil the Smart Camera Lens update for Windows phone 8 so that Lumia owners can enjoy more control over their cameras and the way photos are shot.

Nokia’s Smart Camera Lens will bring to the table new features that iOS and Android users enjoy, like white balance control, shutter speeds, camera modes, continuous shooting and other advanced options to allow users to capture stunning images of subjects with greater control over how the Lumia camera works.

As with most updates, Nokia has chosen to keep mum on the subject. Rumors are rife however that the new PR 2.0 update will roll-out sometime in July and will be a suite of updates to include other enhancements like double tap to wake a seeping display and an always on clock. With no confirmation from the Finnish firm, users are wondering if there is any credibility in the Smart Lens report but a camera update seems to be on the cards. The camera on the Lumia Series is below the market standards in terms of range of control options and functionality. The new rollout should fix all this and add a few more exciting features to the already rich, top-notch Lumia series.

Lumia users are eagerly waiting for the rollout slated in July this year!

FROM: Tech Radar

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