Nokia Lumia 928 to take over the Lumia 920

Nokia is on a roll! The new Lumia 928 is on the cards, and will soon to be flying off shelves! Nokia has sent around a little taster to whet the appetite with a barely there glimpse of the new smartphone from the Finnish company. The phone is allegedly a slightly modified version of the Lumia 920, another fantastic phone from the Lumia series. The 928 is rumored to be thinner than the 920 at a 10.2mm at the thinnest point and 11.2 mm at the curved, thick back panel. The phone will also sport an OLED screen.

9282Other specifications include a 4.5mm display, processing power of 1.5GHz dual-core processor with 1GB RAM and an inbuilt storage capacity of 32GB. The phone is touted to pack a new feature, the Xenon flash along with the LED flash carried over from the 920 series. The body is rumored to be created of polycarbonate for a sleeker, thinner look and feel.

Nokia has a slew of phones in its pipelines. In addition to its 520, 720 and 620 series that target the middle income sector, the 928 is a new offering that is climbing its way to the top model spot. The Finnish top model! There is no confirmation from the company itself about what the 928 has to offer users in terms of technology and when the announcement is expected to be made. Meanwhile, blogs and tech sites are abuzz of images of the swanky new phone in development hoping for an array of brilliant new features, given City Lens and PureView are a given standard in the Lumia series!


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