Nokia Lumia 928 Poses for the Camera Again, Verizon Intro Allegedly Set for Next Week

Listen up, Windows Phone fans and just all-around tech aficionados enthusiastic about competition and diversity! There’s a new high-end Nokia Lumia planned and it’s apparently set for an official announcement next week.

Actually, there are several top of the line Nokia phones coming, but only one by the end of April – the Lumia 928. This guy has been furiously making the rumor rounds of late and today stars in two new “leaks”. On one hand, we have a new high-quality press shot showing us the phone from each side, while on the other we have a fairly credible rumor on the official Verizon intro date. 

Nokia Lumia 928

Where should we start? Of course, with the @evleaked pic. This shows an already familiar design as it pretty much lines up with earlier leaks. However, we have reason to believe that what we’re seeing this time is a fully finished Lumia 928 unit instead of your ordinary pre-release prototype.

Everything about this fellow’s looks screams elegance, from the slender profile to the metallic chassis. Not even Verizon’s logo can mess the overall stylish design this time, as the thing appears to be a little smaller than usual.

Other than that, we can’t say the pic provides any shockers, also “confirming” the rear-facing camera will feature a Xenon flash. As for the phone’s measurements, we don’t have any specific and official numbers for now, but we’re pretty sure the screen will be 4.5 inches in diagonal, while the handheld’s width will be around 9 mm.

The rumored list of features includes a dual-core S4 CPU clocked at 1.5 GHz, 1 gig of RAM, 32 GB of on-board storage, an 8.7 MP cam and a 2,000 mAh battery, plus obviously the running of Windows Phone 8. That’s not bad, but frankly we hope Nokia will choose to boost at least one of the processor, RAM and battery departments after all.

And now let’s talk dates. According to a Gotta Be Mobile “unnamed”, but trusted source, Verizon is planning to unveil the Lumia 928 on April 25, which is next Thursday. Thursdays are normally preferred by Big Red for these kinds of announcements, but here’s where things get fishy – the carrier is currently teasing a special event for April 22.

We highly doubt Verizon will make two different announcements during the same week, so we’re inclined to say the Lumia 928 will either come on the 22nd, or sometime next month. But if the phone is to be unveiled in May, Big Red has another problem, as Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is due for a release on the network next month too.

So, all in all, our guess is the 928 will in fact be the star of Verizon’s CTIA announcement next week, on the 22nd. Which would mean the WP 8 device will likely start selling in early May. Curious to see if we’re going to blow it with our predictions? Come back to us in a few days.

Via [Twitter] and [Gotta Be Mobile]