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Nexus 10 covers finally hit the Play Store

Nexus 10 official covers

If you bought a brand new Nexus 10 tablet and have been waiting for a cover so that you could protect its screen, the cover which was promised during the launch of the tablet about five months back, then here is the good news. The very first official accessory for the Nexus 10 has arrived, and it is the screen cover for the tablet, as promised. The accessory is now available in the Google Play Store.

Right now, you can have the Nexus 10 covers in two colors, dark gray and scarlet, which looks more like dark orange. You might have noticed the removable piece of plastic on the back of your Nexus 10 tablet, the one which surrounds the camera. You might have always wondered what this creepy thing does. Well, it helps you to attach this new cover to your tablet, that is just a prop for covering the slot made for the cover.

You just pull that plastic out and put it in the new cover. This way the cover will be very perfectly kept in place, and will not add much bulk to the tablet. And most importantly, there would not be much bulging on the back of the tablet, which I just hate in some tablets.

But anyway, the covers are now available. You can buy them right now from the Google Play Store for just $29.99. And if you are wondering if this is some kind of pre order and will take weeks to ship, the Google Play Store says that the covers will reach you in just five to seven days. So now, you can order one for yourself from over here.

Source: Phone Arena

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