Next Gen HTC Butterfly Revealed In An OTA Data

OTA codes reveal next gen HTC Buttefly.
OTA codes reveal a possible next generation HTC Buttefly.

A new phone which is said to be the next gen HTC Butterfly is on the works. The speculation was based on a leaked OTA data that was intercepted by GSM Insider. The information can be seen in the photo above.

The HTC Butterfly was known to have carried the codename “HTC DLX” prior to its release. But during the OTA test of the HTC Butterfly 920D, a new code was found bearing the name “HTC DLXPLUS”.

Based on the news source, the new code is an indication that the next generation HTC Butterfly is coming up. The report added that there were at least three codes that pointed to three models of the upcoming smartphone from the Taiwan-based company.

If you look at the photo again, you will find the red rectangular box bearing the codes “dlxp_u” and “P06822000”. The first code is the name of the device, which is DLXPLUS_U. The next code with the numbers in it is actually its part number which operates on the WCDMA and GSM networks.

The second device (no longer shown on the picture) is the DLXPLUS_UL carrying the code “dlxp_ul” with part number p068200 that has LTE functions. The third is DLXPLUS_WL with the code “dlxp_wl”. It has the part number p068100 and it runs on the CDMA2000 network.

According to the China-based source, the DLXPLUS_U and DLXPLUS_UL will be global and LTE versions of the new smartphone. The other is likely to be made exclusively for the Verizon network and it will be the next Droid DNA version for the carrier.

The KDDI Corp. in Japan will also get a sequel to its very own HTC J Butterfly. The report based its claim on a code that they allegedly spotted with a name “dlxplus_J” or the DLXPLUS_WLJ.

Ben Ho, the HTC marketing chief, leaked an information last month that the company is planning to introduce a successor to the HTC J Butterfly. The decision follows the high demand of their product in the Japanese market he said in the website of Focus Taiwan.

Ho did not reveal a date for the successor of Japan’s own HTC Butterfly though in his interview last month. But looking at the latest developments which were leaked by our source in China, it might not be long until next gen HTC Butterfly will roll out in the market.

Source: GSM Insider and Focus Taiwan