New update from Microsoft extends Windows 8 support to 1080p displays and quad-core processing!

Microsoft is going for a new angle to better compete with Android smartphones that offer users superior display and performance. With a new Windows Phone 8 update called the General Distribution Release (GDR3), Microsoft will now support 1080p screen displays from the previous 720p screen resolution. This is make way for Windows phones with crisp, sharper displays in the same league as Android phones that offer similar features. This update opens up the Windows Phone market and consumers will soon see phones and phablets with screens larger than 5 inches. A larger screen translates to more OEM’s on board.

wind2In addition to the resolution, the new GDR3 update will also support new Qualcomm processors like the SnapDragon 600 and 800, allowing Windows Phones to run on quad-core processors; a fantastic new roll-out by Microsoft that will place it on an even footing with Android phones that currently feature 1080p displays and quad-core processing. Android and BlackBerry phones no longer have an edge over Windows Phone 8 with the latest GDR3 update.

HTC that had originally planned to build a Windows Phone with a 4.7 inch 720p resolution has scrapped the design in favor of the new specs supported by Microsoft after the major update. We will now see a phone from the Taiwanese company that will support quad-core processing and offers users a huge 5 inch screen to work with. The update by the Redmond Company however does not extend to Windows Blue that will be an amalgamation of Windows 8 and Windows phone 8 Operating systems.

The holiday season will see a slew of phones, tablets and phablets from Microsoft with new display and hardware specs!


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