New Twitter ad program allows advertisers to target users based on keywords in tweets

twi2Twitter is becoming ad friendly. A new update to the social network allows advertisers to direct ads at users based on keywords in the user’s tweets. The idea behind the update is to allow advertisers leverage on user needs at the right moment for the ads to be most effective.

Most internet users today live on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is amassing live feed from users in an ethical way to assist marketing agents. Users tweet every few minutes about what they are doing, where they are going, interesting links, shopping experiences and what they need or want.

This information is very valuable to marketing agents who can then create ads targeted at a specific set of users. Ads can be refined to be more relevant and will arouse a user’s interest. Advertisers can say target a user who has announced plans to travel shortly with ads about holiday packages, travel accessories, suitcases and travel bags. The new rollout is enormously beneficial to advertisement executives who can now strike when the iron is hot.

The ad-program does not affect a user’s feed or profile in any way except to display promotional ads and activity by marketing agents. Since this is a relatively new rollout, there is not much data to support the benefit or drawback of the ad program. The program however seems to be working well for both agents and users who can communicate instantly once an ad is directed at a user. Users are now expecting a similar feature to roll out on Facebook soon.


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