New Facebook roll out allows users to update ‘feeling’, ‘nourishment’ and ‘currently watching’ as a status message!

fb2Facebook again! These guys certainly keep themselves busy with a dozen updates to the social network almost every day! With Facebook Home gearing up for a huge release, the social network is adding a number of features to get people to go for Home, or simply stay on the social network and not migrate to another, Instagram for instance.

Facebook is now giving users the opportunity to express exactly how they are feeling with the new enhancement that allows users to display emotions as their status. There are sub-menus of emoticons, media and nourishment so that users can update how they are feeling, what they are eating or what they are watching! An interesting aspect of this new feature is that it could wind up as one of the parameters for a graph search, could be used as a recommendation for a page or even an ad that your friend could see. In addition to the core status, a description allows you to elaborate what you are feeling or watching or eating. What used to appear as a description will now be easier to formally tag, with the additional advantage of adding unique search parameters in the Graph feature. Users can now look for friends that watch a certain show or those hanging out at a certain location.

With new features on Facebook, pretty much all our lives are digitally recorded on the social media with users being able to provide a minute to minute status of what they are doing and where they are going! With the new updates rolled out from Facebook, a friend circle will now know exactly what a person is feeling! The new status update feature is a fun one, even if it means users will now get a minute to minute update about their friends’ lives!

SOURCE: TechCrunch

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