NEC may sell mobile unit to Lenovo

Japanese company NEC is looking to revive its failing mobile unit by selling the entire unit to Lenovo, according to a report. In addition to Lenovo, the company is also looking at other viable options within Japan to sell its mobile division to.

nec2Popular PC and Laptop maker Lenovo is very enthusiastic about entering the mobile space and hopes to make a grand debut with products that will rival those of current smatphone giants Apple, HTC and Samsung. NEC’s mobile division has reported two years of losses and cannot sustain the unit any longer without the influx of steady profits. Rather than shut down operations completely, the company is looking at a buyout of this unit by Lenovo.

The company has showcased interesting android phones at the Mobile World Congress held in February. The phone featured dual screens that together measured 5.6 inches when opened up. When the screens are folded away from each other, the device looks like a regular phone. The company has not had many good breaks to make a solid impact on the mobile phone market with intense competition from an array of companies all offering myriad features to capture the market. Even mid-tier and lower-tier entrants would not cut any ice since Apple and Samsung are both looking to create phones for these segments of the market. Selling the mobile unit to Lenovo makes good sense since the company is both innovative and has enough brand power to relaunch the product with a new spin.

Neither NEC nor Lenovo has made any statement to date and tech news followers will be keeping a sharp eye and ear out for more news in this front.


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