Mozilla’s web based online payment API to simplify online payment for users!

Mozilla is looking to pack a powerful punch with its new enterprise – Firefox OS. The company has announced a new web payment system in which it offers users a web based API for quick, easy and secure online payments. The company will launch its new JavaScript API, the navigator.mozPay() which has been designed along the lines of Google’s Wallet app API but goes one step further in offering users options like carrier building and multiple payment providers.

moz2As expected, the API will first be introduced to Mozilla’s upcoming Firefox OS followed by the desktop version of FireFox OS and then Android. When the app invokes the API, the app then presents the user with a window to authenticate his credentials. Following this, the payment is then charged to the user’s carrier bill. Once the transaction is complete, the app then forwards the purchase, delivers the product and stores details of the transaction so that repeat purchases are simple and quick.

The API is still in the beta stage with a number of modifications and enhancements yet to be made, based on user response and satisfaction. Mozilla’s Firefox OS will offer users mobile web content directly to web apps so that a web based payment system is more appropriate for users that are running Firefox as their OS. This new API has the potential to offer users an ad-free, secure, simple-use, web payment system.

It is interesting to note that Mozilla is making every effort to evaluate the market and bring to the table features that have previously not been explored on other OS, whether desktop or mobile. Users will be very interested in the new Firefox OS which seems to bring a lot of interesting apps and services with it. The world is eagerly awaiting the launch of Mozilla’s new offering!


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