Motorola XT1055 AnTuTu Benchmark Leaks, Is This Google’s X Phone?

With only two weeks left until Google’s I/O conference, trying to guess what’s going to be on display in San Francisco on May 15 is equally as difficult as it was six months ago. A Nexus 5, upgraded N4 with LTE, second-gen Nexus 7, Samsung-manufactured octa-core N11, Android 5.0 and Android 4.3 are in the cards, but we could see them all introduced or just one or two.

Motorola XT1055

Still, out of the possible hardware products, two seem much more likely than all the others to get official intros – the updated Nexus 7 and the Google, or Motorola X Phone.

The latter has been allegedly benchmarked last week under the very simple Google X moniker and now it has apparently made its second visit at AnTuTu going by the Motorola XT1055 codename. As usual, the test’s legitimacy is impossible to verify, so take everything you’re going to hear with the customary grain of salt.

That said, let’s kick off the latest episode of the X rumor-fest by noting the XT1055 is bizarrely running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean in this new benchmark. Why bizarrely? Because the previous test showed the handheld having on-board Android 5.0.1, and, even if Key Lime Pie has been delayed as some sources claim, we’d expect the thing to run at least Android 4.3.

The other new leaked details are themselves a little off, with the CPU’s clock speed now set at 1.7 GHz and the AnTuTu score reaching a still unimpressive, but much better 18,252 points. Chances are the 1.7 GHz processor is a quad-core Snapdragon 600 unit, but the mystery remains as to why we’re seeing different hardware configurations for what’s likely the same device.

Only the key to cracking the enigma is not so hard to find. In fact, there could be two keys. Either one of the two benchmarks is fake (the first is more likely), or this is a confirmation of one of the earlier rumors that said the X Phone will be coming with customizable hardware.

That would really be something, especially if there are also a couple more impressive versions of the thing in store.

Before wrapping the story up, let’s dissect that mysterious codename as well. First off, let’s just say it sounds credible. Also, it’s likely to be signaling a Motorola flagship, given the XT912 is the Droid Razr and the XT925 the Razr HD. Finally, chances are this device will be a US-exclusive, so either the X will only come to America, or there will be other models available for other regions.

However the whole thing will play out, my advice to you is to keep in touch with The Droid Guy to make sure you’re going to be the first to find out about the X Phone once it becomes official.

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