Monster Watts wireless charging kit brings wireless charging on select galaxy phones

Missing wireless charging on your galaxy device? Many of Samsung Galaxy S3 users were disappointed to know that their device didn’t support wireless charging and why won’t they be sad when smartphones like Nexus, Lumia lineup support wireless charging!

galaxy wireless charging kit by mw

Well, you have a way to bring wireless charging support to your galaxy device. Monster Watts has released a wireless charging kit for galaxy smartphones which will charge the phone wirelessly. Monster Watts is basically a company manufacturing power accessories for Apple iPhone lineup and galaxy lineup. Their team is based in New York and the company has factories in Asia manufacturing accessories like the award winning hybrid solar battery cases.

The wireless charging kit will support the company’s flagship phones like galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note Note II. The kit basically consists of two things, a receiver and a charging pad. Luckily with this kit you won’t have to replace your existing back cover, instead the ultra thin receiver would just fit in your back cover. The receiver called as WiQiQi will easily fit inside your back cover and would then work with any standard Qi charging pad.

Moreover, if you already have the charging pad of your nexus or Lumia phone, you can separately purchase the wireless receiver for $25. And if you want the charging pad too, it would cost you $50 in total. Pretty good deal, we would say considering the minimum amount of hassle required to install the receiver. However, the exact pricing of the receiver depends on the handset and you can take a look at them on their indiegogo page.

The kits for Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II are already out in the market and would ship by the end of the month. The kit for Galaxy S4 would naturally come out only after the device is available in the market. So, we expect the kit to be available around mid June.

So, if you don’t want to purchase a separate back cover for your future Galaxy S4, then we think this would be a great investment.