Microsoft’s security app on Windows 8 is still not good enough

Microsoft Windows Defender

The independent security firm from Germany, AV-Test, has released its report of the tests it conducted on popular anti virus software over a period of two months, on Saturday. These tests were conducted in the months of January and February of this year. The test included the company’s usual bundle of 25 anti virus software for home users, and additional eight software for enterprise users.

Microsoft’s Windows Defender was included in the list of 25 anti virus, and the company’s System Center Endpoint Protection was included in the list of 8 software aimed at enterprise users. The firm says that Microsoft’s security tools have still not reached the industry average performance. In AV Test’s Protection rankings, Windows Defender, which comes bundled with Windows 8, scored only 2 out of 6. And the enterprise version got an even horrible score of 1.5.

In January, Windows Defender managed to handle 82 per cent of the zero day malware attacks aimed at it, and managed 81 per cent in February. The industry average is 95 per cent. And the System Center Endpoint Protection guarded the system from 80 per cent of the attacks in January and 83 per cent in February.

The test report says that Windows Defender was able to block widespread and prevalent malware. The software caught 98 per cent of the samples in January, and 99 per cent in February. And the enterprise edition, the System Center Endpoint protection was able to block 98 per cent of the samples in both months. And the industry average for this test is 99 per cent.

Some people do agree with these results. But some of the people who love Windows and everything about it, and Microsoft, do not agree with the tests that AV Test conducts. Microsoft and the security firm have had some rough encounters in the past. And Microsoft says that the malware samples that the AT Test firm uses to test these software “don’t represent what our customers encounter.”

Source: The Register  UK

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