Microsoft Windows 8.1 to offer ‘boot to desktop’?

Rumor or fact? Whacky fable or true story? Reports speak of Microsoft’s new feature in Windows 8.1 that allows users a direct boot to the desktop! An unheard of option till date, is this a revolutionary new feature to surpass the likes of arch-rival Apple? A new feat in the era of touch computing!

win2According to sources, there is embedded code in Windows 8.1 that directs a user to the desktop directly by disabling the Metro Start screen. The update, if it really exists is a relief to Windows 8 users who did not appreciate the tiled Metro Screen. Users that have upgraded from Windows 7 will have to get the hang of using a touch OS to start with and then tiles and charms offered by the Windows 8 ecosystem! Bypassing the Metro Screen would make it easier for most users to migrate from Windows 7 to Microsoft’s touch OS that is makes huge waves across phone, laptop and tablet markets worldwide!

There are existing workarounds that allow users to hit the desktop directly but this one that comes from the horse’s mouth is a real boon for less than fond-of Metro Screen users. This is a legal bypass, so to speak and will not result in OS mishaps that could happen with other methods. The 8.1 bypass option is endorsed by its makers – Microsoft!

As expected, there is no word from the company about Windows 8.1 or the Metro Start Screen bypass code or anything else. Microsoft is playing this one close to the chest. Eager beavers will only know in June, once Microsoft holds its Build Conference!


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