Microsoft to race against ‘Time’!

ms2Microsoft has jumped on to the smart watch bandwagon with so many of its competitors moving towards the dial space. Sony, Apple, Google and Samsung have already announced plans to launch their own smart watches by early 2014. A lot has been said about Apple and its curved glass technology iWatch. The Windows operating system giant is now revealing plans to come up with its own watch with messaging, Facebook, email and other connectivity features.

The market is already crowded with smartwatches but there seems to be room for one more. Microsoft’s success with its new Operating system Windows 8 and a slew of tablets and hybrids have elevated its position in the technology market. Consumers worldwide are expressing keen interest in Microsoft’s latest developments and will be excited to see the company enter the race against ‘time’.

There is no solid evidence about Microsoft’s smartwatch. All that tech bloggers have to date are rumors and speculation. There is a strong possibility however that Microsoft will go with a fancy new watch to rival its competitors’ products, going by past trend. Microsoft entered the hardware race to launch its own range of tablets and hybrids after Samsung and Apple.

With Sony, Samsung, Apple and Google already putting up sophisticated watch designs, Microsoft has to work hard to match these companies that have a substantial head start over it. New features perhaps or beautiful designs to lure consumers away from other technologically advanced watches will prove an interesting challenge for the Redmond Company. Microsoft has chosen to remain quiet about the purported smartwatch, not revealing any details about whether it will partner with a well known watch company or go with its own creation and the capabilities of these devices. Tech buffs and consumers alike are eagerly waiting for more news!


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