Microsoft Surface tablet outsells Nexus 10

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Benedict Evans recently wrote a report on the Google Nexus 10 sales numbers, and the most interesting part of the write up which has caught the eyes of many people in the tech world is the comparison of the sales numbers of the Nexus 10 and the Microsoft Surface tablets. According to the report, Microsoft’s Surface tablets are easily outselling the Google Nexus 10 tablets, and that too with a great difference.

The sales numbers of these particular devices are not very easy to find out, as noted by many people. But if you can collect some of the analytics data from different analysts, you can easily come to a very close approximation. So, according to reports from analysts and from Evans, there are approximately 680, 000 Google Nexus 10 tablets in use today.

Coming to Microsoft’s Surface tablets, there have been many reports, including the one from Bloomberg, which say that the Redmond based software giant has been successful in selling around 1.5 million Surface tablets. And reports from many analysts match this number. So we can very safely assume that the company has sold 1.5 million Surface tablets, which include both Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets.

So from these numbers, it is very clear that the Microsoft Surface tablet very easily outsells the Google Nexus 10 tablet. But does this mean a defeat to Google? Well, not really. The Nexus 10 is more of a developer device, which means that it is primarily built for developers who can use the tablet for testing and developing their apps. So it is enough if the developers have the tablet, who are the primary customers.

But so is not the case for Microsoft’s Surface tablets. It is a consumer product, something like the Apple iPad, and as a tablet, it is nowhere near the Apple iPad in sales numbers. There are over 23 million iPads sold.

Source: Forbes

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