Microsoft pushes Android and iOS versions of its Office suite to the fall quarter of 2014!

gem2Microsoft’s roadmap for 2013-2014 is out. An interesting year ahead for Microsoft with all the updates, enhancements and fixes it is planning to release. The new roadmap also includes Microsoft’s Office for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Blue. There is no mention however about Microsoft Office for the Android and iOS operating systems. These two rival platforms will have to wait till at least 2014 second quarter for the Gemini wave of Office updates.

This series offers users much more flexibility and ease-of-use to complement Windows 8 touch based OS. According to reports, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote apps will offer users a better touch experience and will work in addition to the existing apps on Windows 8 and Windows RT platforms. The new Office suite will add to the existing Desktop set rather than replace it.

Windows users, laptop, PC, mobile or tablet can expect this new update by October 2013. The Office wave extends to the first quarter of 2014 to integrate with Large Screen eXperience (LSX) hardware. LSX offers users’ large-screen, pixilated and multi-touch systems.

Android and iOS users can expect the new 1.5 Gemini Wave only by the Fall season of 2014. Another interesting point about Microsoft’s roadmap is that it is holding back its popular mail client Outlook RT for Windows phones and tablets till October 2014 for reasons unknown. This is a surprise for consumers who are used to the desktop version of the email client.

Android and iOS users will be disappointed to hear that Office apps for these two platforms will take almost a year to arrive. Users are fervently hoping that Microsoft speeds things up given the demand for the Office Suite.


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