Microsoft is still on this ‘Scroogled’ thing

Microsoft's new Scroogled try

When you are competing with others in a market such as mobile operating system, online services, search engines, and stuffs like that, you need to have just the best in the class to be able to remain at the top of the competition. And that is just what Google is doing, staying at the top without anyone even getting close.

Microsoft, on the other hand, which was a market leader in the space, is just losing ground, is becoming weak. People do not want to rely on one company to provide all the services they want. People may prefer a Windows computer, but that does not mean that they will prefer a Windows Phone as well, they may go for an Android. And to stop that from happening, you need to come out with innovative solutions, not make fun of your competition in a way that would do no good to you.

And this is what Microsoft is still trying to do with all the ‘Scrooled’ jabs it is aiming at Google. We had thought that this is just the April Fool’s fun the companies are having throwing clever advertising at each other, but Microsoft has released another ‘Scrooled’ try at Google. And we have the usual messages here that Google reads your emails to display ads, it is stealing your information, or giving away information for money, and stuff like that.

But when you have services like Google does, you do not have to worry about all this. And the amount of innovation that Google does in the field of technology and consumer electronics is just awesome. There are many products of the company staged for release this year. Hopefully, a few of them do make it to the market. And Microsoft has to learn from this that the company needs innovation to come ahead of the competition, not just ‘Scroogled’ jabs at the company.

Source: Android Authority

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