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Metal body on the Samsung Galaxy S IV would have delayed the launch

Samsung Galaxy S IV

When you think of the very popular Samsung smart phones, one of the things that come to mind is the plastic body that the South Korean smart phone giant uses in almost all of its smart phones. The company has not moved away from the same old plastic in some time now, but the plastic quality is really good. I can say that because I have been a Samsung Android smart phone user and fan for a few years now. But now, the looks of a smart phone has started to become equally important as the features it provides.

One of the new smart phones in the Android world is the all new HTC One. The smart phone has already won many hearts, the aluminium unibody design of the smart phone has started attracting too many eyes, even the eyes which have been fixed on Samsung smart phones for a long time, and the eyes which would directly to the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S IV also has the same old plastic on it.

And the employees of the South Korean smart phone giant have come to know that people are not really enjoying the plastic feel on their smart phones anymore. And if there is no aluminium on the next smart phone, they would just migrate to other brands. The company says that it had plans of using aluminium in the Galaxy S IV, but that would have led to a delay in the release of the smart phone it seems. And the company would definitely not want to delay the launch and lose its market share.

But there are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note III would have a metal body. And if that becomes a success, the Galaxy S V in the future may also come with a metal body. But for all this to happen, we will have to give it some time.

Source: Phone Arena

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