McAfee Patents Technology That Detects and Blocks Pirated Content

A new technology patented by McAfee will not only detect pirated content but block it as well. This in effect prevents anyone from accessing pirated content online and avoids potential lawsuits arising from accessing said content. This new technology which enhances the existing SiteAdvisor tool of the company will provide users with authorized and legal alternatives once a pirated content form a website is detected.

Ever since sharing content over the Internet became popular copyright holders have been clamoring for measures to be implemented by search engines and Internet providers to make it harder to access infringing content online. Several measures that have been implemented aren’t successful but McAfee might just have the solution right now.

The patent with the title “Detect and prevent illegal consumption of content on the internet” is presented in a block list type system. When a consumer accesses a certain website and pirated content is detected they are either warned, block off from the site, or provided with an alternative purchasing advice.

The flowchart below describes the entire process.


While this kind of security may be unpopular among those who download various types of content on the Internet McAfee said that there are various reasons consumers should be concerned when downloading illegal content.

“One major reason for concern is possible violation of an Intellectual Property right and the potential cost ramifications associated with such a violation.”

“A second major concern could relate to potential threats cause by some unauthorized distributions. For example, it is not uncommon for an unauthorized distribution of material on the Internet to include malicious material.”

The solution of McAfee is an extension to their SiteAdvisor tool. Pirated content can be detected in search engine results as well as on popular social networks such as Facebook. The company says that “By informing a user of illegal sources and possible alternatives, a user can obtain the desired electronic distribution without violating an author’s intellectual property rights.”

If a consumer for example clicks on a pirated link he or she will be shown a new page that gives more details on the warning.

There’s still no definite schedule as to when the company will be releasing this technology but the best bet is that it will be included soon in their security products.

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