Matterform Desktop 3D Printer Scanner Has More Affordable Price Than Most Tablets

matterform scanner

Tech lovers have a new toy to play around with—the low-cost and highly-efficient Matterform Photon 3D Printer Scanner that is slated to come out in August this year.

The Canadian company’s 3D scanner was a product of a successful crowdfunding bid. For the past years, the public has been wowed and amused by the 3D printing devices out in the market. But the contention remains that 3D scanners are still too pricey for an ordinary visual artist.

Matterform hopes to address that issue by coming up with the $399 3D printer scanner. This is even lower in price than the cheapest iPad 4. The company hopes to make this kind of technology accessible to consumers, so they can fully appreciate just how magnanimous the digital world is.

There is a lot of competition in the market, including MakerBot’s new 3D scanner, but I doubt that they will be able to build leverage based on their price tag against Matterform’s 3D scanner. The $399 price is simply too irresistible to pass up.

It’s not only the cheap price that will enable the Canadian company to attract consumers. The Photon 3D scanner’s lightweight and handy packaging will surely catch the eyes of customers. Those who are looking for a cheap, easy-to-use and lightweight 3D scanner don’t have to look too far with this new device.

How it Works

The Photon 3D scanner works in a quite simple way. The device is packed in a small briefcase-like box that will also turn into a stand when you open it. Once open, you will find a laser beneath the cover of that box. The laser can scan at high resolution and then transfer that file to your computer or directly to a 3D printer.

And since the device is lightweight, you can easily tote it around from one workplace to another. All you have to do is close the case, transfer and set it up to another printer or desktop computer.

The Photon 3D printer scanner uses dual laser lines that can scan objects that are 190 x 190 x 250 mm in size. According to the company, their new scanner is user-friendly and can finish scanning objects in just under three minutes. The usual file formats of the scanned objects are .STL, .OBJ and .PLY. These formats can be imported into numerous 3D-manipulating and –editing softwares.

The Flaws

Unlike the CADScan3D Scanner, the Photon 3D scanner cannot generate the color data of the object is scanned. It can only scan and generate an image of the object’s horizontal plane. In a sample of a scanned hat, the Photon wasn’t able to perfectly scan its rim because it has occluded itself.

Gizmag said that this results to an incomplete data, which is something that visual artists and tech experts may frown upon. Still, at a price lower than a tablet, I guess we shouldn’t complain about what the Photon scanner can and can’t do with colors and lines.

The important thing is, at least for startup businesses, this 3D printer scanner from Matterform is the best device you can afford that can generate scanned 3D images suitable enough for small to medium graphic design projects.

Sources: Inhabitat and Gizmag

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