Mailbox Is Working On An iPad App, With Desktop And Android Clients


Mailbox the very popular mail app for iPhone has announced that an iPad, Android and Desktop clients are on their way, the company recently said that the up and coming projects e.g. the various clients are “on the agenda”.

Hopefully when the new clients are released there won’t be the ridiculously long queues to use the software especially if you’re already a user on your iPhone, Mailbox have in fact been replying publicly on twitter to people enquiring about the iPad version of the app.

Mailbox on Twitter

There seems to be no specific time when the app will hit the app store, but it would seem that the iPad version of the app is a lot further along in the development stages than the other clients; since the company is willingly replying back to twitter messages about but not specifying anything.

A recurring theme in Mailboxes twitter activity is that when asked about the iPad app they tend to use the phrases “in the works” and “coming soon” whereas they repeatedly give the response about the other platforms or being “on the roadmap.”

The Next Step 

Logically it does make sense that the iPad version be the next app to be release since most of the coding is already done on the back end, the UI is the more important factor in this app, porting to android would involve quite a bit of new code. Also when porting the app to Mac or PC they will have to basically rethink the touch centric user interface, at least; not to mention the added server stacks needed to host all of the new accounts.

Mailbox focuses on productivity through email, reply, archive or delete; the end goal being Mailbox zero – no emails in your inbox which free’s you up to get on with work and other more pressing tasks you may have to do. The app has so really cool feature that I’d love to see on the iPad and mac versions, such as the remind me in the future; this is were you can set an email to re-enter you inbox at a later date.

Source – TechCrunch

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