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Lumia Storage Check App Lets You Free Up A Significant Storage Space

storage check app

If you are a heavy user of apps, you will immediately find yourself looking for more internal storage for your device soon. Even if you are just a moderate user, you might notice that some programs like the maps are taking a significant amount of internal memory. Fortunately, the Lumia Storage Check app has undergone updates that will let you manage your internal storage better.


The app will let you quickly clear out unnecessary data from temporary storage files. It has a landscape UI support and more ways to minimize errors. One of the neat features of the new update will let you move your offline map data to your MicroSD card so that it will not pile up in your Smartphone’s internal memory.

storage check


The app is still in its beta version so it is not clear yet whether it is compatible with every Lumia smartphone out there. But if the comments on the Windows Phone store are to be taken into consideration, it appears to be glitchy and incompatible with some models like the 810 and 822. Some claimed that it worked for them though especially with the 920 model (but there were some who said that it doesn’t work in the 920 model).

From the 130 reviews of the app, it only got a rating of 2.5 stars out of 5.

Where to Get the App

Just in case you still want to try the Lumia Storage Check app, you can easily download it from the Windows Phone store website via the link below. Who knows, it might work for your phone. If it does, then expect the cool benefits that it offers.

Download Source: Windows Phone store

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