Low end smartphone market booming as low end iPhone gets closer

cheap iPhone

Apple has repetitively denied the low cost iPhone coming to market, with Phil Schiller saying it would not make sense for the company to bring a cheaper smartphone to the market.

In many ways, it goes against Apple’s core values of developing a product to allow users the best user experience. The company would be giving users a degraded experience, one which is tailored to fit a class of people.

Apple’s Ideas

When we look at all the product lines Apple has, not one really screams low quality. Perhaps the iPad Mini could have a few features upgraded, but it is the best eight in tablet out there at the moment.

For Apple to ideally bring a cheaper iPhone to market, they would either need to bring it to markets where the iPhone has not been doing very well, as the only option.

If they brought it to every market, it would change Apple’s idea of products. Instead of having one product or one very good product with advancements for rich people, they would have two products: one for poorer people and one for rich.

This would work tremendously well in some countries, in others it would give off a negative vibe Apple tries to never have. The company is always committed to quality, even if that means the broad market missing out on the latest gadgets from Cupertino.

The Plastic iPhone

According to the rumours, Apple will develop a plastic iPhone the same as the iPhone 3G, with a better screen and performance power, which will come in a range of colours.

We are not sure how to feel about this rumour, on the one hand, it may give millions their first chance to experience iOS and the iPhone, but on the other it will degrade Apple’s ideas and values.

The company was founded on the basis of creating excellent technology, even if all the anti-Apple fans would say the products are crap and should never be bought for that price.